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Our bead boxes feature assortments of craft and jewelry beads that have been had selected by our designers to perfectly match each other. We will save you time finding colors and shapes that coordinate for your projects by putting them all in one convenient box.

The beads are all conveniently stored in one of our reuasable plastic storage boxes, which feature clear snap tops that allow you to see exactly what you have on hand.

We also have special collections of hair bead boxes, Wonder Loom® band and bead boxes and seasonal bead colelctions. Check out our catalog below to see what is currently available.

Project Ideas

Indian Corn

Bead Boxes 6336, 6337, 6338, 6339 & 6460

Bead Boxes 6340, 6341, 6450 & 6455

Bead Box 6342, 6343, 6462 & 6465

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