We have been manufacturing plastic beads in RI since 1932.

Under our registered trade name The Beadery®, we offer many innovative products, with the best value and design in molded plastic beads, bead craft kits and bead boxes available.  Over the years, our colorists and creative department have developed various pearl effects, bright neon and glow in the dark colors, sparkling glitter colors and mottled colors unique to thermoformed plastics.  We also have processes which create a matte finish on the beads.  In opaque colors, the result is a rich, ceramic-like appearance, while matte transparent colors echo the magic of beach glass scoured by the sea.  Yet another unique process applies contrasting color within the recesses of beads that have sculptural detail.  This results in either a beautiful antiqued or a playful colorful appearance.  We also have hot-stamping equipment to apply various patterns or metallic foils to give the beads and stones additional sparkle or enhanced detail.

Our employees

As one of the major businesses in the town of Hope Valley, RI, The Beadery® employs a dedicated and talented work force.  Many of our staff have worked here for a generation or more.  From the manufacturing staff through sales, design, graphics, maintenance, engineering, accounting, packaging, and warehouse, everyone is dedicated to making the best molded beads at the best possible price.

Our facilities

The Beadery® is located in the historic village of Canonchet, in a lovely rural part of southern Rhode Island.  The plant is largely built around a granite mill dating to 1870 and is listed as an historic site.  Over the years, our company has grown and expanded into additional office and manufacturing space, including the addition of a warehousing and packaging facility constructed across the street in 1990.  Most of our products are made right here in Hope Valley.  Engineering, parts and mold design, product design and graphic design, are all handled in-house, which gives us capabilities and flexibility not often available from a bead supplier.

Our goals

It is our aim to provide high quality beads and related products, while remaining sensitive to environmental issues and affordability.  We offer honest value and good design.  We export to over 40 countries and our international presence is expanding daily.  We strive to innovate and lead in our markets, supplying the creative need for beads of bead lovers throughout the world.

In a highly competitive market, this unique U.S. company has prevailed – due in part to innovative, cost-effective manufacturing techniques, and to a commitment to product quality and value.  We are known for distinctive product and packaging design, and for meeting and leading fashion trends in its industries.