Beaded Banner Bar

Decorate your home with one of our Beaded Banner Kits. You can find one for almost any occasion in our current line. Whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, we will have a design for you.

Each Beaded Banner Kit is easy to put together using our peyote stitch designs and contain everything you need from start to finish. We include everything from the metal rod and hanging cord to our high quality Pony Beads. We even include the thread and needle so you don’t need to find anything extra.

Our color instructions include easy to follow step-by-step illustrations and tips as well as a full-size full-color pattern to make even the most intricate design easy to follow.

There are several shapes and sizes of banners including:

  • Traditional Style – 9¾” x 14¾”
  • Bell Pull Style – 6¼” x 23¼”
  • Mini Style – 6½” x 11″
  • Square Style – 9¼” x 9¾”

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