Holiday Celebration Kit Difficulty Ratings

We try to make our do-it-yourself kits as easy as possible, but some can be a little more difficult than others to make.  To give you some guidance when selecting ornaments, we have recently gone through and added a rating system to our Holiday Celebration™ kits.

We have added color-coded snowflakes to the images and placed a rating banner on each kit description page to help.  Below are some examples of what to look for and full details are on our Holiday Celebration™ page.


  • Suitable for everyone
  • Most use chenille and larger beads
  • May require basic tools (ruler, pliers, etc.)

  • More advanced designs
  • May use wire or multiple chenille stems
  • May require more advanced tools such a hot glue gun

  • Our most advanced designs (but still fun and easy to make)
  • Possibly multiple wires and chenille stems
  • Smaller beads that may require higher dexterity