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This original Holiday Treasures™ ornament pattern comes straight from our design archives.  You will get a full-size color pattern that you can use to make your own decorative ornament to hang in a window or on the tree.  The pattern includes fully illustrated step by step instructions to make your ornaments as well as bead counts for each color in the design.  Once you have the pattern in your home library, you can make as many ornaments as you want or change colors to make your own personalized version.

To make this ornament, you will need to purchase separately one chenille stem, thread and the following beads:

  • CountColor (Beadery #)
  • 11 – Hanger Color
  • 62 – Base Color
  • 75 – Accent Color

This design has been released in several different color combinations.  Below are the colors used for each design.

5528a – Ruby 5528b – Emerald 5528c – Sapphire
Hanger Gold Pearl (#444) Gold Pearl (#444) Gold Pearl (#444)
Base Dk Ruby (#018) Emerald (#007) Dk Sapphire (#020)
Accent Gold Pearl (#444) Gold Pearl (#444) Gold Pearl (#444)


5571a – Red 5571b – Purple
Hanger Gold Pearl (#444) Gold Pearl (#444)
Base Dk Purple Pearl (#279) Red Pearl (#132)
Accent Dk Ruby (#018) Amethyst (#001)


Note: These patterns were created for our 1651 Mini Pony Beads.  Other Pony beads may not align to the pattern properly as you progress through the design.

Follow the links below to get the pony beads and supplies you need from our online store.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 × .1 in
Ornament Size:

2.75" x 3.25" (7 x 8.25 cm)



Country of Origin:

United States


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